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Deep Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Here is a complete list of what is included in our Deep Cleaning Services. 


  • Oven/extractor

  • Fridge/freezer

  • Degreasing cupboards & walls

  • Inside cupboards & draws

  • Doors & skirting boards

  • General dusting & cleaning


  • Mould removal from grout & paint

  • Soap scum scrubbed from tiles & glass

  • Porcelain restored to white

  • Lime scale removed

  • Chrome polished

  • Behind toilet & sink cleaned

  • Fans cleaned

  • General dusting & cleaning


  • Top-down dusting with heavy duty dusters

  • Ceiling & walls wiped clean

  • Mould on paint & window frames treated

  • Light fixtures & lampshades dusted

Throughout the entire house

  • Behind furniture

  • Interior windows & inside window frames (the part you see when the window is open).

  • Inside & behind radiators

  • Marks on walls & doors removed

  • Light switches

  • Hoovering & hard floor cleaning

  • Inside storage/airing cupboards

We provide carpet shampoo cleaning at the client's request.

What does a Deep Clean Include?

How often does my home need a deep clean?

The need for a deep cleaner is based upon your lifestyle, schedule and urgency.

Most people will deep/spring clean their home, or hire a cleaner to do so at least once a year. This ensures that dust, grease and mould do not build up, leading to costly maintenance issues. It also eliminates sources of bacteria and keeps your environment hygienically clean.


You may have an event to host such as Christmas or a Birthday party, A great deep cleaner will make sure that your home looks its best, smells fresh and gives you complete peace of mind that the house is ready.

Those who have an active lifestyle including pets, children or out-door activities, may feel the need to schedule a more regular monthly deep clean in some areas of your home.

Tip* Regular carpet shampooing is a great way to keep smells out of fabrics and the home smelling fresh!

Contact us today to make a plan that matches your homes cleaning needs, so that you can keep on living life and loving your home.

How much does deep cleaning cost?

The number of hours required at your home is entirely dependent on the property's condition, the expected outcome and the budget.

We use our quote form, or a quick conversation, to get all the relevant information that enables us to accurately estimate the amount of hours and cleaners needed for the job.

Our team always aim to impress and you will only be charged for the time we are in the property.

What do I need to tell you to get an accurate online quote?

The general size of the property, how many floors there are & what rooms the property is made up of.

A description of dust levels and build up throughout the house including which rooms have received more use.


It is essential we are told about any factors, such as pets, that may affect the cleaning time of your property.

Other factors:


Unique features or areas of concern in your property (examples: double oven, sky lights, excessive grease, a mould problem).

It is helpful to know of any time limitations posed or other contractors working in the property on the day that we may require additional team members to work around.

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